Sound n Light

 ZERO POINT   s i f a r   (under production)

it takes a storm to tell which way’s home


Art work & Design: Durbanand & Vandita Jain

An INterDEPENDENT Cinema Project


SEASONGRAY’s feature film by Arghya Basu is a coming of age story. A Trans Himalayan anthology of voyages in inner, secret worlds, where endless stories drifting over the snow deserts, settle with snow every winter.

Yenni, the young tour operator for the traveling Silk Route Opera stumbles into a good-for-nothing drifter Sirish. The troupe is struggling to mount their Silk Route Opera Performance NANGSA for ‘international’ launch. Sirish does not know why he promised to write the new act for the Opera, but feels Yenni must join them. Journeying to Zero Point with the Opera team, Yenni and Sirish, castaways from life, are touched by love; the haunted spirit of Yenni’s father Dasgupta, finds his place in the mandala of the Himalayas; the Spirits and Dakinis watch over the  journey to Zero Point, the shore of rebirth.

The project is unique in its being a coming together of filmmakers, artists, mask & music makers, craftspeople, photographers, performers. technicians, singers & performers from the Tibetan  Opera & other indigenous communities in the making of a Film, Video Essay, EthnoMusic Album and Graphic Novel. We are  in the Production phase now, envisaged as an extended On-Site-Workshop involving all Cast and Crew. The location design, generation of specific props and objects, jamming and recording sessions for music, performers’ training and shooting will be done through the workshop. At this stage, the project solicits support from all interested in.


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