Three Shorts for Vincent

Vincent Comp1


Vincent Comp2_low

The three shorts are for Vincent Van Gogh / Our letters to Vincent
We can only write letters to him / Write letters to thank him
Thank him for being / For being an artist
The crazy artist / of his own life
Forever challenging appearance to be real



Dear Vincent

The first one was shot by Arghya as he traveled from Pune to Kolkata. While he edited the short, I sat recording the excerpts from the letters, at the dead of the night in Bhopal, trying to imagine what he would have shot. Google drive invisibly supported the venture. And to be sure, before I could get the book out of press, the film was in the inbox.

Crows don’t attack ripe corn

The second comes from the earlier shoots of the sea, beach, silhouettes, sky and birds. Following the slow and steady hand of an artist at work, the starkness of a monochrome black, fuses into the colours of artist’s canvas- dissolving into the crows over wheat fields a century ago.

RIP Vincent

Shot at a Corner Cafe in Amsterdam while it drizzled outside. That dreary evening after our visit to the Van Gogh Museum felt like a lump in the throat. We wanted to cry. And remembered the artist who transformed angst into strokes, amused himself by mixing suffering with his colours. We witnessed Time spreading itself out in the neatness of the Cafe, and raised the toast to our Vincent.

The trilogy goes together with making of Mujh Par Bharosa Rakhna Seasongray‘s first book publishing.


16 thoughts on “Three Shorts for Vincent

  1. Very moving, as intense and beautiful as him. Loved your voice Rajula. Music badiya. Train effects could be more subtle. Overall the ‘trailer’ 🙂 evokes a very deep experience for me. Loved that short hand ‘business’. Your Hindi sound wonderful, but needed to listen to it carefully.Congrats to both of you and others in the making.

  2. irresistable .
    i feel tickled by ur passion for fine and honest work.
    make me want to know vincent better and experience his madness!
    thanks for giving me one more thing to look forward to.

  3. I came across your video through a friend. He told me about the translations. I saw it and I really liked the lucidity of the translation. Simple yet it does not lose the grand madness of van gogh thanks to the video.

    I have a humble suggestion to make. I have heard a lot of audio books which have been in vogue for a while. But for an artist like vincent, audio books of his letter would do little justice to his visions. But a video book surely can and will. It would be nice if you create one along with the printed book.

  4. (यह फिल्म देख कर…)
    छवि जो मन के पर्दे पर
    उभरती है
    उभरती चली
    आती है
    उभरती ही
    जाती है

    वह बदलती न जाने कितने
    जैसे कैमरे के भीतर
    एक-दूजे पर न्यौछावर
    छाया और धूप.

    हावड़ा-मुंबई लाइन पर
    खड़े होकर
    एक बार मैंने
    किसी पुरानी याद के
    रंग को देखकर
    वैन गॉग.

  5. Excellent. Wish i could see it on a bigger screen to feel the impact more. The essence is very much captured

  6. cant believe wat i jst saw!Had never thught dat post-impressionism can b cinmatically applied to such a normal thing like train journey.Kudos to your concept,courage and sense which has created this brilliant experience!
    Great work guys!Looking forward…

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