Sound n Light

Up coming on site Film Installation


TENT Little Cinema International Festival, 7th-9th 2015 KOLKATA

Fiction realized through collaborations among Artists/ Performers from Tibetan Opera, Cinema and allied Image practices; visualized as a Cross Ethnic, Inter-disciplinary Practice developed over decades through series of Workshops with a growing set of Performers, Artisans, Musicians, Poets, Visual Artists & Film students/Makers, Project ZERO POINT proposes a new model of Interdependent Film Practice, where the disciplines push and explore their Form-al limits to look for the common ‘Story’, if there is any One. To enter Story, you must walk through the space of the  installed Film/  MUSEUM OF LOST THINGS.

Here, now, tracing and drifting over inner / secret universes located on Eastern Himalayan tracts – Embedded worlds -Kalimpong, Asia(s), Silk Routes, remembered and forgotten like photographs in the abandoned photo studio of the Story, You are at once wave and particle;  writing, re-writing narratives, framing/ re-framing spaces, measuring time in the form of scenes and trajectories; developing a Nomadic Self that can Flow across the perimeters of ‘intended and unintended differances’. Here, then, are rooms and passages created for stammers & dystopia we must experience together, as shared purpose of Life; STORY turns into a COLLECTIVE EIDESIS MACHINE– a device for Collective Projections.

The Installation develops on site through a ten day Interdependent Film Workshop among Visual Artists, Filmmakers, Music makers/ Sound Artists & Performers, and grows through the exhibition, as the Viewer joins the Workshop/ the Nomad Film School.



Opera film

It all begins with the Seven Lhamos (Fairies) dancing and Master Thangtong Gyalpo keeping the beat. As the Opera travels, building Iron Chain bridges over Himalayan waters, stories and lives are Reborn as Carnival.

That was 14th Century. This is Ache Lhamo’s 20th Year in Exile, Shoton / Yogurt Festival, Dharamsala.                                                                                       A Democracy is being born. Mountains stand Witness. 

In dialogue with the TIBETAN INSTITUTE OF PERFORMING ARTS, Opera performers and artists, the film pitches its tent at the Crossroads of the Universe.

Under Production/ Films Division of India/ 2015

16th March 2014


lhamo web 2

lhamo web 3

lhamo web 4


SECRET LIFE OF MEMORIES Tent Cinema for Lhamo Opera

Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, 5th-7th August 2014

secret life of memories


_DSC2791Building upon the research, study, documentation and audio-video resource of two decades, Seasongray installed video projections of Lhamo Opera in a semblance of Nomadic Space at created at Lalit Kala Gallery, New Delhi. The Opera was mounted as Cinema Sensorium streaming live and archival video loops on multiple screens. It was installed as a walk-through in a Semblance of Tibet Road/ Silk & Spice Route, that takes the viewer through a dim lit corridor of faded paintings, into Hotel Lakhpa where the opera plays out in multiple video loops leading you further into the green room to meet the performers of Tibetan Opera with their fine crafted costumes, props and masks.

The majority of the backdrops for the exhibition walls and partitions were painted by two migrant signboard painters from Garhwal. The local Tibetan community from Majnu ka Tila collaborated with special Tibetan butter tea for the opening; and the famous Lafing seller setting up his Lafing (a Tibetan-Chinese dish) stall inside Hotel Lakhpa.

This exhibition was done in collaboration with the Kalimpong Tibetan Opera Association while the Lalit Kala Akademi provided the space and resource; A Lighting professional, an Art Director and a team of young film & drama students joined Seasongray for the setting up and mounting of the show that was open to Public for three days as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations at Lalit Kala Akademi. It was a critical coming together of a cross ethnic, cross profession diaspora that lent a unique synergy to the experience. The Exhibition got enthusiastic reviews and warm responses from the Sahridayas/ Viewers and was instrumental  in opening doors for Looking at History, Story and Tradition in a new light for the collaborators. Zero Point is the next step in the collaboration, extending to a four part project.


The Show is first in the series of Installations

planned as traveling shows by its artistes/ collaborators:

Arghya Basu, Rajula Shah


Kalimpong Tibetan Opera Association


Tsewang Paljor, Samdup Tsering, Anup Joshi, Seetaram, 

Tenzin Younten, Tenzin Namkha, Ngawang Tenzin, 

Bhupal Singh, Pankaj Bangde, Reema Kaur, Rishi Bhattacharya, 

Bhismapratim Chakraborty, Manendra Lodhi, Sagnik Mondal

& Madhusudan Baul

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